• First solo exhibition in 1994.
  • Principal artistic techniques: art photography, painting, drawing, intallations, spatial design.
  • Artworks displayed in exhitions, among others at: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Mikkeli Art Museum, Joensuu Art Museum, Turku Art Museum, Imatra Art Museum, Finnish Museum of Art Photography, Gallery of Tsech Cultural Ministry.
  • Artworks in private collections, Mikkeli Museum of Art, Finnish Museum of Art Photography, Souh Savo Health Care District, Mikkeli Central Hospital, La Colección Nautilus Lanzarote, Mikkeli University Consortium.

Art and design projects

  • Creative Well-Being in Mikkeli -project 2016–2017. Art and well-being project as a part of The Flow of Well-Being in Mikkeli -project.
  • Acoustic Interior Design and Acoustic Artworks for Well-being 2016. Design of acoustic interior and acoustic artworks. Research, design and making of acoustic space and acoustic artworks for enhanced well-being. In cooperation with Mikkeli University Consortium.
  • Creative Well-Being as a Service Model 2015. Research and concept design for new creative services in cooperation with Avek.
  • Cultural Path in Media Education 2011-2018. Media education, workshops of visual design and participatory exhibitions for upper comprehensive schools in cooperation with Mikkeli Cultural Services.
  • Perpetuum Mobile 2007. Art educational and research project concerning visual arts and cultural heritage for children of primary school and day centres in cooperation with Arts Council Finland.
  • Participatory photography project for young offenders 1997.

Exhibition curator and designer

  • Exhibition and Education Director, 2016-2022 Mikkeli Centre of Photography
  • Exhibition Curator and Designer, 2011,2013, 2014–2016, Mikkeli Centre of Photography

Regional producer of visual arts and design

  • Form by All Means. Cooperative project in order to increase the impact of design as well as the working possibilities and networks of design and art professionals and companies in Northern Karelia. Organization of design competation, education, seminars, exhibition and publications. In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Northern Karelia, 1997-98.
  • Art Centre Ahjo. The foundation of the art centre in cooperation with the societies of artists, designers and photographers, 1997-98.
  • Europa Travel Project. Internationalization of artists and increase of international cooperation, 1997-98.
  • Small is Beautiful. Arts in Hospital -pilot project and seminar work with social and health sector, 1998
  • Kieppi. Professional education for art educators, 1998.
  • Personal History. Art educational community project for day centres and children, 1997-98.